The 1st International Workshop on Plasma for Cancer Treatment

The multidisciplinary field of Plasma Medicine has recently undergone impressive advances in various medical applications including wound healing, dentistry, and cancer treatment. Of all the possible applications of low temperature plasmas in medical therapy none is expected to have as an important scientific and societal impact as cancer treatment. To help foster an environment of collaboration and to establish a forum where researchers can meet and exchange their latest results on the effects of plasma on cancer cells, the International Workshop on Plasmas for Cancer Treatment (IWPCT) is being organized for the first time. The 1.5 day Workshop is scheduled to take place in Washington DC at the Conference Center of George Washington University, on March 25 -26, 2014.

Marvin Center
The George Washington University
Washington, D.C., U.S.A.
March 25-26, 2014

The workshop organizing committee would like to extend an invitation to researchers active in the field of Plasma Medicine to attend IWPCT 2014 and present their latest work or a review of the work they have done in the past few years. In addition to oral sessions there will be one poster session where students can present their papers.

Because of time and space limitations the workshop can only accommodate about 60 attendees. The organizing committee will first submit invitations to key groups active in the field. Additional submissions will be accepted only if there is time and space remaining in the program.

M. Laroussi & M. Keidar
Workshop co-Chairs